Major terms and conditions for Mox Card with credit

These major terms and conditions apply when you use Mox Credit. You must read the full version of our General Terms and Conditions, particularly Schedule 3 (Terms and conditions for Mox Card with credit).

  1. Once approved, your Mox Card can be used with credit, and you will be liable for all Mox Credit fees, charges and interest, which are set out in our fee schedule and key fact statement.
  2. You will receive a monthly Mox Credit statement. You must: (i) tell us about any errors within 60 days, or the statement is conclusive and binding; and (ii) pay the minimum amount due, or we may charge additional fees, charges and interest, and suspend your use of Mox Credit.
  3. Upon demand, you must repay any amount you owe on Mox Credit. We may: (i) set off, debit, withhold or transfer any amount you owe us from any of your accounts; and (ii) require you to indemnify us for costs and expenses we incur in recovering such amounts.
  4. In connection with your use of Mox Credit, you must indemnify and reimburse us for all our legal fees, losses and damages, and reasonable costs and expenses, unless due to our negligence, fraud or wilful default.
  5. You must (i) protect your Mox Card, PIN and device and follow our security advice; and (ii) let us know as soon as reasonably practicable if your Mox Card is lost or stolen or following unauthorised disclosure of your PIN. You are liable for all losses if you fail to do these things or act fraudulently or with gross negligence.

The English version of these major terms and conditions for Mox Card with credit prevails if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions.

Last updated: 13 April 2021