Smart Spending

Why Spend with Mox?

Earn real CashBack²ʼ³ʼ⁴ as you spend!

  • Spend with Mox Credit¹, you can get:

3% CashBack at Selected Merchants²

Unlock 5% CashBack² with an active Split Purchase⁶

1% Unlimited CashBack everywhere else³

  • Spend with Mox Card from Mox Account, you can get:

0.5% Unlimited CashBack³ everywhere on all your eligible spending from 1 June 2021⁴.

  • Real cash, calculated instantly, credited daily

Real cash credited to your Mox Account every day – earning you daily interest and growing your money as you spend.

Switch to Mox Credit¹ now to enjoy more CashBack!

Mox Card - The only card you need

  • Enjoy the best of both worlds

Flip between spending from your Mox Account (debit) or with Mox Credit (credit), anytime.

  • Global ATM services

Enjoy more than 2,000 JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong for free, and access over 2.6 million ATMs worldwide that accept Mastercard.

  • Asia’s first numberless all-in-one bank card

With no card number, expiry date or CVV visible on the card, the Mox Card reduces your risk of losing personal information. Update your daily limit and ATM PIN with the tap of a finger in the Mox app!

Split your purchases⁵

  • Split any eligible Mox Credit transaction of HKD400 or more and instantly get the application decision
  • Control which eligible Mox Credit transactions you want to split. You can make in a single or combined transaction(s) to Split purchases active at the same time
  • Choose a payoff timeframe between 3 to 60 months
  • Transparent annualised percentage rate (APR)⁷ – updated in real time based on your chosen payoff timeframe

Split in-store with 0% interest

  • Enjoy 0 interest and 0 fee for Split Purchase with Mox Credit at designated merchants
  • Choose a repayment period between 3-60 months
  • Enjoy unlimited splits, as many purchases as you want
  • You can still earn 1% Unlimited CashBack¹ʼ²ʼ³ on your spending

Manage your spending more easily

  • Insights to help you with budgeting and avoid overspend

Monitor real-time account activity and balance with instant categorisation.

Start Smart Spending and grow your money even as you spend with cashback and daily interest!

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Please note that the Mox app screens and features stated here are subject to our legal terms and conditions and to change. The Mox app available for download and use may be different to the version described here.

¹Our General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see Schedule 3) and the Mox Credit Key Facts Statement apply.

²From 1 May to 31 July 2023, earn up to HKD450 of 3% CashBack on eligible transactions made with Mox Credit at CashBack Merchants. From 1 May to 31 July 2023, earn up to HKD100 of 5% CashBack (the cap will be shared with 3% CashBack) on eligible transactions made with Mox Credit at CashBack Merchants with an active Split Purchase of HKD5,000 or more. Our General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see clause 8 of Schedule 1) apply. See also the Mox CashBack Table in the ‘Legal documents’ section of our website for specific details of our current CashBack offers. 5% CashBack Unlock Promotion terms and conditions apply.

³From 4 May 2021, earn 1% Unlimited CashBack on eligible Mox Credit transactions; and earn 0.5% Unlimited CashBack on eligible Mox Card transactions.

⁴ General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see clause 8 of Schedule 1 apply and visit Mox CashBack Table for more details.​

⁵General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see Part A: Split Purchase of Schedule 3) and the Split Purchase Key Facts Statement apply. Refer to legal terms and conditions for more details.

⁶The fees for Split Purchase will be reviewed from time to time. For more details, please refer to the Split Purchase Key Facts Statement and Schedule 3 to the General Terms and Conditions on our website for details.

The one-off fee and each monthly instalment for a Split Purchase are charged to Mox Credit and will show on your Mox Credit statement. Please pay your Mox Credit statement balance in full on or before its due date to avoid finance charges (interest).

⁷The APR is calculated using method specified in relevant guidelines issued by the Hong Kong Associations of Banks. The APR is a reference rate, which includes all applicable interest rates, fees and charges of the product, expressed as an annualised rate.

⁸Our General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see Schedule 3 Part D ‘0% Merchant Split Purchase’).​​