A new way of banking has arrived

Mox is a new virtual bank in Hong Kong backed by Standard Chartered in partnership with PCCW, HKT and Trip.com.

We’re redefining banking. Making it better, the way it should be. We want to help you grow. No matter how small you start, or how big your goals.

Stay tuned.

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Please be aware of bogus phone calls, fraudulent SMS messages, phishing websites and email purportedly from banks. Should you have any suspicion, please contact our staff at +852 2888 8228 or report to the Police immediately. Please click here for more information.
Meet Mox
Meet Mox

Mox is built by and for the ones who aspire to live life to the fullest – we call them Generation Mox.

The name Mox reflects the endless opportunities we can create, – Mobile eXperience; Money eXperience; Money X (multiplier), eXponential growth, eXploration... it’s all up for us to define, together.

We are Generation Mox. Are you?

Mox Card - the only card you need
  • One card for all purchases and cash withdrawal.
  • Numberless physical card, reducing your risk of losing personal information.
  • Card information can only be accessed securely in the Mox app by you.
  • Lock your card instantly, if you ever lose it.
Who’s Mox for?
choose Mox?
Why choose Mox #1

Mox helps you grow - your money, your world, your possibilities. We equip you with the financial management tools, information and insights you need to make your dreams, big or small, come true.

Why choose Mox #2

Everything at Mox, from our products, features to rewards, is designed based on customer research, tailor-made for your needs. We care about what you care about, especially in data security and privacy. Data ethics is core to everyone at Mox.

Why choose Mox #3

Mox rewards you with an array of banking and lifestyle benefits. Who says banking can’t be fun?

Who are we?
Job openings
Join us and build a bank like never before.
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20 Mar 2020
…It’s all about your heart

Heart share is at the center of what we do

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09 Mar 2020
Introducing Mox

The first bank in Asia to launch an all-in-one numberless bank card

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09 Mar 2020
A new way of banking has arrived

We are incredibly excited to announce the birth of Mox, the new virtual bank in Hong Kong by Standard Chartered in partnership with PCCW, HKT and Trip.com.

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