Mox Cookie Policy

Our cookies are good for you – they will help us know you better and improve your browsing experience. Our cookies are small data files placed on your device to capture your interactions with this website. Cookies are mainly used to learn how users move around our website, and to remember your preferences so you’re distinguished from other users each time you visit.

We use different kinds of cookies:

(1) Necessary cookies are used to let us know whether you have enabled your cookies setting and temporarily allow information to be transferred between pages of our website so it doesn't need to be re-entered.

(2) Functionality cookies help us recognise each time you visit our website, so we can remember your preferences and certain details and personalise our content just for you.

(3) Analytical/ performance cookies help us collect statistics, such as the number of new and repeated visits to our website. We use this information to understand how you use our site and to make it more intuitive.

(4) Targeting/ advertising cookies record your visits to our website, your responses to our online advertisements and track the pages you visited and the links you followed. This allows us to show you things that you might like.

(5) Third party cookies may be placed on your device by us or third parties on our behalf. These cookies will be managed by big, recognisable advertising networks and providers of external services, such as Google or Facebook. Your browser identification is shared with such third parties (but this does not include personally identifiable information about you). These are likely to be analytical/ performance or targeting/ advertising cookies.

How do I turn off these cookies? This depends on your browser settings – you can usually block cookies by changing the settings in your web browser.

If you turn off cookies you may find that certain features on our website don't work properly. You may still see ads for Mox in other places, but they will be general and not based on your personal preferences or information.