Smart Saving

Why Save with Mox?

Goal saving

Saving is easier when it has meaning. For the first time, you can organise your HKD savings by setting up Goal accounts. Name them as you like and track your progress in real time. You can have a maximum of 5 Goals to focus on your key priorities.

Money in your Mox account will be used for your daily transactions, leaving money in your Goal accounts untouched, making sure you’re on track to realise all the Goals you’re saving for.

Saving habit

Saving habit is a life-changing habit that you want to build early. Use our Savings Calculator for budgeting and automating your saving habit. You can set rules to move money into your Goals and save automatically.

Daily interest

Earn 0.5% p.a. daily interest rate for your HKD deposits, up to HKD500,000 across all your accounts and 0.01% p.a. daily interest for all USD deposits in your Mox Account, even on weekends and public holidays. Deposit interest for all currencies will be calculated on a 365-day basis in ordinary and leap years.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Exchange currencies 24/7

With Mox, the world is at your fingertips. You can buy, sell and manage foreign currencies 24/7. No matter buying or selling, we will always use the Mox FX rate (which is the mid-market rate) and charge a fixed percentage fee*. Everything is transparent. The foreign currency funds you exchanged will be instantly deposited into your Mox Account and you can view all deposits of different currencies at a glance.

*Please view our fee and charges page for details.

Savings calculator

How much can you save? We’ll help you calculate!*

Contribution amount
After 1 year, you will save
0.00 HKD
Total contribution
0.00 HKD
Earned interest
0.00 HKD
*Interest calculated is for HKD deposits only. This is indicative and may be different from actual payment.

3 Steps to Smart Saving

Open your Mox account

Add money

Set up Goal and saving habits

Start Smart Saving and get to your Goals faster with daily interest and CashBack!

Please note that the Mox app screens and features stated here are subject to our legal terms and conditions and to change. The Mox app available for download and use may be different to the version described here.