Chargeback at Mox

1. What should I do if I spot a disputable charge?

There are a number of reasons why your statement may contain a charge you don't recognize. Here are some tips to help you identify the transaction:

  • Try searching for the merchant’s name online for more details.
  • Check for additional charges from hotels, taxis, airlines or hire car services.
  • Check your messages or emails for receipts that may also contain the shop’s name.
  • Check for any adjacent transactions with a similar timestamp through your transaction activity log.
  • Have any of your free trials expired? You may have started paying for these services.

If you still don’t recognize the transaction, contact us immediately.

If you suspect fraud, follow the steps below to lock your Mox Card immediately:

  1. Log in to the Mox App
  2. Tap ‘View details’ on the Mox Card
  3. Tap ‘Lock’
  4. Contact us

2. How do I raise a chargeback request?

Contact us immediately

In most cases you'll first need to try to solve the problem by contacting the retailer. If unsuccessful, contact us to raise a query about the transaction.

Once you’ve confirmed that there is an issue, it's important to contact us as soon as possible. You'll need to raise a dispute within 60 days from the statement date (unless the merchant has closed down) to give us sufficient time to process your request.

To raise a request, you can email the completed form to by your registered email. We will contact you to follow up if necessary.

3. What is Mox’s role?

Once we receive a dispute, we’ll assist customers by raising chargeback requests against the merchant acquirers on their behalf. If the merchant acquirers or merchant accept a chargeback request and issue a refund for the transaction, we’ll return the money to the customer accordingly.

4. What is the chargeback mechanism?

Chargeback is a protection mechanism that card associations provide their customers. After using their card for a purchase, the customer settles the payment with the bank. If the merchant fails to provide the purchased goods or services because it has gone out of business, or if the goods do not match the description provided, the customer can request their bank’s assistance in applying for a refund.

5. What should I do before calling Mox?

Before contacting us, you should have the following information ready:

  1. Transaction date
  2. Merchant name
  3. Transaction amount
  4. Disputed Amount
  5. Reason for dispute


  • I was charged for a cancelled subscription.
  • I have been charged more than once by this merchant.
  • An incorrect amount was billed to my account.
  • The goods or services were not provided after purchase.

6. Do I need documentation to support my dispute?

According to the card scheme’s relevant chargeback rules, customers are required to provide supporting documents (e.g. invoices or service contracts) for our investigation and to submit them to us at their earliest convenience.

The request and supporting documents will be analysed and examined according to the credit card scheme’s rules. Upon receipt of the documents, requests will be processed in around 60-90 days. Processing times may vary depending on complexity.

7. When will I know the results?

Upon receipt of the relevant documents, requests normally take around 60-90 days to process. Processing times may be longer depending on the merchant and the complexity of the dispute. We’ll inform you of the results of the dispute through notification and email.

8. Will I be charged a handling fee?

A dispute handling fee of HK$150 will be charged for every transaction dispute that cannot be resolved with the merchant and card scheme.