Say hello to new August vendors at Tong Chong Street Market’s Bite to Change! ​

Big changes are made up of many little acts - like the small bites, small efforts and small ideas that inspire positive impacts for the world every day.

Supporting locally-farmed products reduces food miles and carbon footprint from transportation, and contributes to the livelihood of the local farming community.

Having one plant-based meal daily for a year reduces carbon emissions as much as going car-free for 4 months.

Managing money with Mox offers a branch-free, paper-free experience – yet is full of ideas and innovations to help you grow.

Sharing this vision for Sustainable Living, Mox is joining hands with TaiKoo Place to bring a curation of food and experiences that are good for the people, better for the planet and great for you at Tong Chong Street Market (TCSM) through a lineup of like-minded partners.

Enjoy market-exclusive offers up to 20% off when you pay with Mox Card.

Let’s change the world, one bite at a time!

Enjoy up to 20% off at Tong Chong Street Market with Mox Card!

Event details:

Date: Jul 4 to Sep 2, 2022

Time: Mon – Fri, 8:00am to 3:00pm (Except public holidays)

Location: Tong Chong Street Market, G/F, One Taikoo Place

Learn more about our Sustainability Partners and Mox Exclusive Offers¹𝄒² below!

Mox Exclusive Offers
Aromatic candles and scented products proudly crafted with sustainability at heart, all the way from the quaint beach town of Sai Kung

Mox Exclusive Offer: Enjoy 20% off final bill for selected items with Mox Card

Deep-dish style square pizza and a variety of feel-good food brought to you by this fervent supporter of local community and environmental causes.

Enjoy 20% off final bill with Mox Card

Moon.Yuet’s fine butters, breads and pastries are infused with local Hong Kong flavors, from fermented black beans and salted egg yolk to dried shrimp, Chinese sausage and more. Support the local baking community, including aspiring chefs and chefs-to-be, when you sample this creative French-inspired cuisine.

Mox Exclusive Offer: Enjoy 20% off with Mox Card

ohm… is a coffee shop by day, cocktail bar by night that shines a spotlight on local indie musicians, artists and creators. Pair your handcrafted cocktail or specialty handmade latte with carefully curated bar bites and small plates.

Mox Exclusive Offer: Enjoy 20% off final bill with Mox Card

Hong Kong’s first astrology and tarot-reading themed café serving a range of specialty coffee and indulgent delicacies to awaken your senses and heal your soul.

Mox Exclusive Offer: Enjoy 20% off final bill with Mox

Featuring a 100% vegan menu of all-time favourite dishes, desserts and drinks to inspire everyone to the healthy goodness of plant-based diet.

Mox Exclusive Offer: Enjoy 20% off final bill with Mox Card

Want even more rewards to enjoy? We've partnered with KIN Food Halls at Taikoo Place to give you additional rewards!
KIN Food Halls is a creative F&B destination, social space and food ecosystem with a commitment to sourcing healthy ingredients from local growers. Create a custom food playlist, sample a new dish from KIN’s eclectic “recipe cloud” or enjoy a cocktail at the 16-seat bar.

Mox Exclusive Offer: Spend with Mox Card and present it after 4pm to enjoy a complimentary Prosecco

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