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Great news… all pre-registrants eligible for our limited-edition metal Mox Card!

Great news… all pre-registrants eligible for our limited-edition metal Mox Card!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to our Founding Member promotion for a chance to receive a limited-edition metal Mox Card*. We’ve had significant interest in our metal Mox Card promotion, well above our ‘first 3,000’ quota.

With 20,000+ pre-registrations, we were humbled by the response. To thank everyone for their support, we’re delighted to announce that everyone who registered on our website from 4 May to 30 Jun 2020* will be eligible for a metal Mox Card, upon successfully opening a Mox account.

There are no strings attached, no deposit or spending requirements. All we ask for is for your patience while we produce the additional metal Mox Cards. The cards are produced overseas and deliveries have been affected by disruption to the global logistics chain.

So what’s next?

We are pleased to announce that Mox has officially launched! We’ve started to invite in phases our first 3,000 pre-registrants to open their Mox accounts. Upon successful account opening, they will receive their metal Mox Card.

We will then welcome our other pre-registrants, in phases, too. Given the time required to produce and deliver the metal Mox Cards, we will first send these Founding Members our iconic ‘Trust Blue’ physical Mox Card upon successful account opening. They'll be able to replace it with a metal Mox Card when our additional stock arrives towards the end of the year.

The two cards are exactly the same in function, features and benefits, so all Founding Members can start Moxing as soon as they successfully open their Mox account to enjoy all of our services and experiences! 

*Mox Founding Member terms and conditions apply. Please see ‘Legal documents' on our website.

**Please note that the Mox app screens and features stated here are subject to our legal terms and conditions and to change. The Mox app available for download and use may be different to the version described here.

09 Sep 2020
3 min read