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Mox officially launched to our pre-registrants

Mox officially launched to our pre-registrants

We are pleased to announce that Mox has officially launched! We first invite pre-registrants who had signed up on our waitlist to begin experiencing our services. These pre-registrants will be invited in phases to open their Mox accounts.

  1. We will start with our first 3,000 pre-registrants, who will receive our limited-edition metal Mox Card upon successful account opening.
  2. We will then gradually welcome our other pre-registrants.
  3. After that, we will make Mox available to everyone in Hong Kong.

Mox represents the next generation of banking in Hong Kong – built from the ground up with the latest technology – designed for, and around you. We want to make banking a delightful experience that gains your trust and wins your heart.

What’s so special about Mox?
  • Open an account in minutes for free – anytime, anywhere.
  • Add money with a few easy taps, and start using your Mox Card instantly for eCommerce transactions and anywhere that accepts Google Pay for Android users.
  • Every day counts when you’re with Mox, because every day is an interest-earning day! Earn 1% p.a. daily interest on up to HKD 1 million deposit across all your Mox accounts*.
  • You can also organise and grow your money the way you like – set up saving Goals, name them as you like and track your progress real time.
  • Be in control. Get instant insights from your spending pattern. Smarter spending starts with understanding where you are with your money and your monthly expenses. That’s why we have started with a debit card, which you will have to top up.
  • We’ll reward you when you spend. Enjoy 1% “Unlimited CashBack” by using Mox Card* for all eligible transactions. From now till 31 December 2020, you can receive 5% “Super CashBack” when spending at our Founding Merchants, up to HKD1,000. Calculated instantly and credited daily to your account, helping you further earn 1% p.a. daily interest rate on your CashBack.

These are just some of our services. More exciting features will soon follow.

We will very soon officially open Mox to everyone in Hong Kong. Stay tuned!

*Terms and conditions apply.

Deniz Güven
09 Sep 2020
3 min read