Earn up to 1% p.a. deposit rate by bringing New Funds, spending and paying bills with Mox

How to boost your savings? Mox Bonus gives you a way to earn up to 1% p.a. deposit rate! From 1 August and 30 September 2022, complete the following challenges to enjoy a 0.7% p.a. bonus rate¹ on your next-day deposits of up to HKD250,000 with Mox.

Mox Bonus - Saving and Spending Challenges
Saving Challenge: Keep HKD10,000 New Funds on a day on top of your Monthly Average Balance² for previous month
Remember to update your Mox app to the latest version to check how much deposits you should keep in total!

Spending Challenge: Spend at least HKD3,000 each month using your Mox Card (with Mox Credit or from your Mox Account)³. Earn 1% Unlimited CashBack⁴ at the same time when you spend with Mox Credit!
Mox Bonus - Bill Payment Challenge
Bill Payment Challenge: Pay 3 bills of at least HKD100 each using ‘Pay bills’ feature, in the past 35 days⁵ (with Mox Credit or your Mox Account)
Base rate
Enjoy a total deposit rate of 1% p.a.
Once you complete all Mox Bonus Challenges, you’ll enjoy a total deposit rate of 1% p.a. on deposits up to HKD250,000¹ after completing all the Mox Bonus Challenges (on top of base rate).

Login Mox app to view your progress now!

Remember to update your Mox app to the latest version, and visit the Mox Bonus Promotion page in the ‘Discover’ page to track your progress.

You’ll be eligible for the corresponding Bonus Rate on your next-day deposits after completing the Challenge¹. The bonus rate is calculated and credited to you every day. The earlier you start, the more you get – so act now and earn more!

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Promotion period: 1 August 2022 – 30 September 2022

Mox Bonus Promotion (August - September 2022) terms and conditions apply.

¹If any of the Challenges above are completed on the last day of the calendar month, you will not be credited any bonus interest rate the next calendar day.

²Monthly Average Balance refers to the average of your HKD deposit balance on all calendar days in a calendar month.

³Only “Eligible Card Transaction(s)” that have settled (i.e. appear as ‘completed’ in the Mox app) during the relevant Challenge Period will be counted towards the Spending Challenge for that Challenge Period.

⁴From 4 May 2021, earn 1% Unlimited CashBack when spending with Mox Credit on eligible transactions. General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see clause 7 of Schedule 1 to the General Terms and Conditions) apply. See also the Mox CashBack Table in the ‘Legal documents’ section of our website for specific details of our current CashBack offers.

⁵Only “Eligible Bill Payment Transaction(s)” that show as ‘sent’ in the Mox app during the relevant Challenge Period will be counted towards the Bill Payment Challenge for that Challenge Period. HKT Autopay Switch transactions will not be counted.