Earn more CashBack with 5% CashBack Unlock!

Welcome the heat wave and enjoy the summer with the new ‘5% CashBack Unlock’ and a refreshed list of CashBack merchants! 

Starting 1 August, spend with Mox Credit to enjoy 3% CashBack² at eligible CashBack Merchants, including popular fashion, gaming and lifestyle brands. Earn up to HKD50 per month! 

Activate ‘5% CashBack Unlock’²˒³˒⁴ with Split Purchase:

  • Use Split Purchase to unlock 5% CashBack:

During the promotion period, you’ll need to have an active Split Purchase of HKD5,000 or more, either with a single eligible Mox Credit transaction or combined transaction(s).  If you already have an active Split Purchase, you can enjoy 5% CashBack Unlock on your next purchase!

  • 5% CashBack Unlock activated:

After unlocking, enjoy an increase from 3% to 5% CashBack on your next purchase at our CashBack Merchants, with the monthly cap increased from HKD50 to HKD100.

How to activate a Split Purchase?

  1. Open your Mox app and tap ‘Credit’.
  2. Tap ‘Apply’ for Split Purchase.
  3. Choose a single transaction or up to 5 combined eligible transactions if preferred. Then, enter the number of months over which you’d like to split them.
August’s hottest CashBack Merchants - the more you buy, the more you earn!
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¹ General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see Schedule 3 to the General Terms and Conditions) and the Mox Credit Key Facts Statement apply.  

² From 1 to 31 August 2022, earn up to HKD50 of 3% CashBack when spending on eligible transactions with Mox Credit at selected 3% CashBack Merchants. If ‘5% CashBack Unlock’ is activated, earn up to HKD100 of 5% Cashback (the cap will be shared with 3% Cashback) when spending on eligible transactions with Mox Credit at selected Cashback merchants. General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see clause 7 of Schedule 1 to the General Terms and Conditions) apply. See also the Mox CashBack Table in the ‘Legal documents’ section in the ‘Legal documents’ section of our website for specific details of our current CashBack offers.  

³ 5% CashBack Unlock Promotion terms and conditions apply. You may also refer to the promotion FAQ.

⁴ Active Split Purchase means approved Split Purchase of a single or up to 5 combined eligible transactions. Your active Split Purchase remains eligible before the last payment date. The 5% CashBack Unlock will be deactivated on date of the last payment date of the Split Purchase. Please note, to be qualified for the 5% CashBack Unlock, the principal amount of such Split Purchase must be greater than HKD5,000 at the time of setting up.