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Six reasons to open a virtual bank account this year

Six reasons to open a virtual bank account this year

Over 300,000 retail customers in Hong Kong have now opened their virtual banking accounts, as shared at last week’s Hong Kong FinTech Week. We are delighted to be able to play a part in supporting the continued development of the city’s banking industry. We are also delighted to be the most rated and highest rated virtual bank on App Store and Google Play – we are grateful to our customers for their support and will do everything we can to sustain this trust they have placed upon us.

We asked our customers why they opened an account with Mox – 9 out of 10 was for savings purposes and 8 out of 10 was for day-to-day spend. In addition to having customers in all age groups, they also hail from all walks of life – from finance, technology and telecommunications, to retail, building services, manufacturing, civil service and entrepreneurs. This reaffirms that Generation Mox is not about age or income bracket but rather a belief that banking, like many other services, can live on one’s mobile phone.

But we know we are only scratching the surface. Many people still have not yet heard of virtual banking, and may still be asking the question “why bother?” We thought we would highlight six advantages of opening a virtual bank account for those on the fence.

  1. Opening an account is easy: Most of our customers open their Mox Account in minutes, with some of the fastest in under three minutes. Rather than waiting weeks or having to visit a physical branch, you get a near-instant decision on your account application. Upon successful application, you will immediately receive your digital Mox Card in your app, which can be connected to your Apple Pay and Google Pay for use right away. At the same time, your physical Mox Card will be on its way to arrive at your doors in a couple of days.
  2. Set and achieve your Goals: One of the really cool features at Mox is the ability to create Goal accounts at will. A Goal account can help you better save money and to plan ahead. For example, if you want to build up an emergency fund, you can instantly create a Goal account, name it and personalise it as you like, and create your own saving rules to save a dedicated amount every day, week or month towards your goal. Your main Mox Account will be used for your daily transactions, leaving money in your Goal accounts untouched, making sure you’re on track to realise all the Goals you’re saving for. Gone are the days you need an account at a different bank just to make sure you don’t overspend! Our customers have collectively set goals to save over HKD7bn!
  3. Track your spend, interest earned and CashBack earned: Do you know how much interest or rewards you have earned at your other banks in 2020? With Mox, we believe in transparency. You can effortlessly track and see how much you have spent every month on food & drinks, groceries, transport, entertainment and all the different categories. What’s more, with Mox, you can also easily track how much interest and CashBack you have earned. For example, do you know how much interest you have earned at your other banks in 2020?
  4. Seriously rewarding: That’s certainly one of the perks of a digital-only bank. For this alone, we think it’s worth exploring all the virtual banks to find the one that might be right for you. With Mox, you can earn 1% p.a. daily interest rate on up to HKD 1 million deposit across all your Mox Accounts*, as well as 1% “Unlimited CashBack” with your Mox Card for all eligible transactions, and up to 5% “Super CashBack” when spending at our Founding Merchants for up to HKD1,000 from now till 31 December 2020.*
  5. Super convenient: Banking should be all about you. With Mox, you can access our support anytime, anywhere when the time’s right for you – rather than queueing up in a branch to open an account or speak to someone. If you’d like to speak to our Customer Care team, you can call directly within the app or call +852 2888 8228. If you’d prefer to text (similar to Whatsapp), you can also do so within the Mox app.
  6. Every day counts: Lastly, one of the reasons our customers really enjoy using Mox is our daily interest rate and our CashBack rewards that are credited daily. We know that the people of Hong Kong seize every moment and every second, and we want to make every day count for our customers. We think every day is a day for progress and every step forward counts – no matter how big or small.

As we count down the days to 2021, let’s make every day count.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Edwin Hui
13 Nov 2020
7 min read