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Mox embraces Open Banking

Mox embraces Open Banking

Embracing fintech innovations to reimagine banking is a top priority at Mox. As a leading virtual bank in Hong Kong, we are constantly looking for better ways to integrate our financial services with our partners through our Open Banking Strategy.

Open API streamlines the financial experience for users by linking different financial service industry partners and third-party services providers (TSP), giving them better flexibility, a wide-range of benefits and outstanding integrated user experience. It also allows Mox to improve the time-to-market of new innovative services or build new ones as user needs change.

Stay tuned for an update from us on our Open API Portal as well as TSP partnership in OpenAPI collaboration.

To help differentiate whether a TSP is a partner of a bank and those which are not, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has published this video at https://youtu.be/igHxqJGRXLI (available in Chinese only) listing various ways for the general public to be better informed of the bank & TSP Open API partnership.

To sign up and become one of our founding TSP partners, please send an email to openapi@moxbank.com.

Please note:

(a) Never disclose your banking account details, including your passwords, to any unauthorized third party apps. Mox has not authorized any third party apps to access our system or shared any client data with them.
(b) Opening a Mox Bank account should only be done by customers themselves and only on their own mobile phone in all circumstances.

24 Oct 2022
2 min read