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Journey to financial wellbeing

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." ~ Lao Tzu

Journey to financial wellbeing

At Mox, our mission is to help everyone in Hong Kong grow – your money, your world, your possibilities. According to the Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC), money or financial issues is one of the biggest sources of stress for people in Hong Kong. IFEC’s financial monitor published this year revealed that close to half (48%) of young adults felt that their financial situation limited their ability to do things of importance to them. Overall, only 49% save every month and only 11% use banking app / money management tools to keep track of outgoings.

We know saving is hard, particularly in an ultra-low interest rate environment. Here are three tips that leverage the latest technology from banks.

  1. Build a habit. No matter how small you start or how big your dreams, make a conscious decision to form a savings habit. With Mox, you can instantly create Goals, and you can set saving rules, which help automate your savings towards your goals. You earn the same interest across all your Mox accounts and Goals – so no worries about moving money between your accounts – and you can save monthly, weekly, daily or as suited to you.
  2. Give your goals meaning. Saving is easier when your Goals have meaning – whether for a rainy day emergency fund, a special next trip or a future moment in your life. Goals should be personalised to you. When you set up your Goals in Mox, you can name the sub-account as you like, add a personal image against your goal, set your contribution amount and see exactly how much you will save in a year and the interest earned.
  3. Track your progress. Add a target and track your savings progress towards your goal real time. With Mox, you can also clearly see your spending each month – how much on food and drinks, shopping, entertainment, groceries, etc – so that you can budget accordingly and target of how much you can save.

Everything starts small. We look forward to welcoming more and more people to Mox soon!

Edwin Hui
03 Jul 2020
3 min read