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…It’s all about your heart

Heart share is at the center of what we do

…It’s all about your heart

It's the basic premise for every business – you go after market share, and the revenue will follow. But when we designed Mox, we had to rethink our business strategy. In a mobile-first world, in a digitally-empowered community, people have new expectations from the companies that serve them.

We’ve been listening to what customers want, and we’ve been researching on what’s missing in banking. We spoke with over 2,000 people and they all tell us they want new and better experiences. They spoke of wanting savings or spending advice, based on their life stages, not how much they have. They want advice to help them track and achieve their life goals.

The Investor and Financial Education Council of Hong Kong* also reaffirmed our findings. They revealed that 7 out of 10 young adults feel their personal finances limit what they can do with their lives, and only one third of them save on a regular basis.

So, we knew our first goal has to be on winning “heart share”, rather than market share. If we make ourselves more relevant to you and your daily lives, the business would simply follow, not the other way round. We’ll do this by serving you with a whole new way of banking, by putting the power of banking literally in your hands. It’s your money, so it's your way. Start with whatever amount you’re comfortable with, and we’ll begin our journey from there. You set your own financial goals that’s within your means and ability, and we’ll help you achieve them.

We’re going to help you spend wiser too. Imagine giving you a wealth of financial knowledge at your fingertips. How much you’ve been spending on entertainment, food, groceries, online, every week or every month. On top of that, we’ll help you spend-for-good. There are many companies out there who want to do good for society, either in the way they operate or by contributing some of their revenue back to the community. We are inviting these companies to be a part of Generation Mox. When you spend with them, you’re giving back to society too.

In a connected world, data is the new gold. We’ll protect your data like any bank protect its gold. This is the heart of building trust. To open an account with us, we’ll apply the best-in-class identity verification and fraud prevention techniques. Our all-in-one bank card is numberless – no account numbers, no CVVs, thus reducing your risk of losing personal information. Only you can access any card information, and that’s through the Mox app.

It’s personalised banking in its most intuitive, smartest and even delightful ways.

We want to get it right with you, from the very start. We have to put the heart in banking and win your heart share. It’s trust and a partnership that we want to build.

When you grow, we grow too 💪. We are Generation Mox.

*Financial Literacy Monitor, Aug 2018, Investor Education Centre, https://www.ifec.org.hk/common/pdf/about_iec/iec-financial-literacy-monitor-2018.pdf

Peony Wu
20 Mar 2020
4 min read