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Introducing Mox

The first bank in Asia to launch an all-in-one numberless bank card

Introducing Mox

Mox Bank Limited (“Mox”) unveiled today its brand name, brand identity and website. Mox is the new virtual bank in Hong Kong by Standard Chartered in partnership with PCCW, HKT and Trip.com. Launching later this year, the mission of Mox is to help everyone in Hong Kong grow – your money, your world, your possibilities.

Deniz Güven, CEO of Mox, said, “Mox operates in a whole new way by listening to customers and focusing on heart share. We aim to empower Hong Kong customers to grow and unlock more possibilities by providing a truly digital and personalised banking experience.”

Meet Mox

Our brand name Mox reflects the endless opportunities we can create – Mobile eXperience; Money eXperience; Money X (multiplier), eXponential growth, eXploration… it’s all up for us to define, together.

Our Mox logo and our visual design are inspired by the round shape of a Hong Kong dollar coin, which is also a nod to our roots. We take pride in being one of Hong Kong’s newest virtual banks, complementing Standard Chartered’s heritage of being Hong Kong’s oldest note-issuing bank with over 160 years of experience in serving the community.

Mox puts the power of banking in your hand, and makes managing money more intuitive than ever before. With a wealth of financial knowledge and lifestyle planning solutions at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. No matter how small you start, how big your dreams, Mox is the way to grow. Together.

Generation Mox

We call ourselves and our customers Generation Mox. We are a creative, curious and connected tribe. Generation Mox is not about age or digital savviness; it is a mindset for more possibilities. To see more, do more, feel more. We want to grow, individually, financially, as a community and a society. We believe banking should be simple, intuitive and delightful. We want services that are always on, always open and always there. We are Generation Mox. Are you?

Mox Card

Customers will soon see how Mox puts our beliefs into action. To give you a sneak peek: our Mox Card has been re-defined with innovation, security and privacy in mind. Together with Mastercard, Mox is the first bank in Asia to launch an all-in-one numberless bank card – a physical card for both spending and ATM cash withdrawals without any printed card numbers, expiry dates or card verification value (“CVV”). This helps reduce your risk of losing personal information, making it one less thing to worry about. All card information can be securely accessed in the Mox app. And if you ever lose the card, simply and instantly freeze it in the app. All our customers will receive a Mox Card when we launch to the public later this year.

Follow us on Mox.com

We are working tirelessly on testing and further improving our services and products to ensure we bring the best possible customer experience for Hong Kong. Mox is currently in beta testing by our staff members as we prepare for public launch later this year, when everyone will be welcome to sign up and become a Mox customer. Stay tuned for our latest updates on Mox.com.

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09 Mar 2020
4 min read