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Introducing: Gen Mox Interviews

Introducing: Gen Mox Interviews

Our Gen Mox Interview series is here to celebrate Hong Kong’s homegrown talents. Each month, we’ll be sharing 10 questions with inspiring personalities who’ve brought something unique to our local community. We chat to them about passions, past experiences, startup advice, financial tips, hopes for the future and more.

Through the Gen Mox interviews, we’ve been blown away by the eye-opening stories and honest advice. This is our chance to share it with you, our Gen Mox community.

From award-winning mixologists to Olympic players, committed dreamers to startup founders, these stories are a humble reminder that we all begin somewhere. Knowing what you’re passionate about, having the privilege to work on it, is success in itself. Mox is here to prove that no matter how small you start or how big your dreams, the best way to grow is together.

Stay connected, stay creative, stay curious.

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14 Jan 2021
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