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Gen Mox Interview with Tang Siu Hau: The Optimist

Gen Mox Interview with Tang Siu Hau: The Optimist

To stay or to move on? Most of us have wrestled with this question at one point or another in our lives. When you live in a city as fast paced as Hong Kong, it can be easy to lose track of what’s truly important to you. Here to remind us to check in with ourselves and follow our passion is Hong Kong singer-songwriter, Tang Siu Hau.

Listening to yourself

Hong Kong is an expensive and non-stop city. In my opinion, people forget how to enjoy life. The focus is on how to survive rather than how to live authentically. So many times, I’ve lost sight that there’s more to life than just work. At the end of the day, we all have things that make us happy, things that we see as fundamental to our being. For me, that’s singing and performing. Performing is like nourishment. I regularly ask myself if I’m happy and content being a singer. The answer is yes when I am singing, but what about when I am off stage? I continue to pursue my dream simply because I love singing so much.

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Finding your support & voice

There was a period of time when I doubted my singing career. At my first concert in 2019, I treated it as if it was my last concert because I was losing hope and couldn’t see a future. The one person who supported me and continues to do so throughout my journey is my sister. I always say half of my achievements belong to her. It’s important to find things and people that keep you grounded. For me, I find strength and ideas when I choose to do things that I enjoy, for example painting and gardening. When I paint, I am fully concentrated and these are often the moments where ideas come out.

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Finding happiness in daily life

Surviving in the entertainment industry is emotionally and financially draining. Everything has a cost. More often than not, it’s cash coming directly out of your own pocket. It can be overwhelming at times. I try to live far away from the urban area to find balance between city life and rural. I am who I am and I enjoy making my own decisions. Being able to do what you like even under the struggles and hardships is what creates true happiness. To live is to give yourself a choice and getting to make your own decisions that bring you joy.

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Mox Masterclass: Singing 101 with Tang Siu Hau

About this event:

Mox Bank is partnering with 2019 KKBOX Hong Kong Music Awards Artist to Watch winner Tang Siu Hau for our Mox Masterclass: Singing 101 with Tang Siu Hau.

If you are a singer, someone who loves singing or just curious about performing, now’s your chance. Join us on for an evening/afternoon of vocal warm-ups, breathing exercises and more with Tang Siu Hau herself.

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What are you waiting for? Your stage is waiting!

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08 Sep 2021
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