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Creative, curious, connected.

Creative, curious, connected.

Mox believes banking should be so much more than just numbers. Our mission is to help everyone in Hong Kong grow – your money, world and possibilities. Designed to cater for your needs and built with smart technology, Mox aims to be an everyday partner in enabling you to live the life you love.

Just like virtual banking itself, this mission embodies a new way of thinking. To introduce this, we are launching a video series titled Generation Mox.

We call ourselves and our customers Generation Mox. We are a creative, curious and connected tribe. Generation Mox is not about age or digital savviness; it is a mindset for more possibilities. To see more, do more, feel more. Undoubtedly, Generation Mox uses technology to make their lives more convenient, but more importantly, they recognise that technology empowers them to live life to the fullest and enables them to act on their dreams.

@David Yeung (Founder of Green Common) – From being a vegetarian to becoming a global social entrepreneur, David leads the Green Monday movement and founded Green Common to connect the Hong Kong community to combat climate change together.

@Jess Ho (Founder of Mamasmart) – She’s the driving force behind Mamasmart, pooling all the creativity and talents of mums in Hong Kong into a marketplace, turning it into a force for good in the community.

Chu, Kevin and Roger @Brainrental – A home-grown creative design trio who fight for their dreams and are recognised by world-renowned brands.

And our wonderful Team Mox @Janet Sin @Sim Suen @William Luk – each of them has their own vision of a great life and have all taken steps to make each day count.

A huge thank you to these Generation Mox role models. We hope their stories will inspire those who have been wanting to live a great colourful life to take action on their dreams and become a part of Generation Mox.

You can watch the videos on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Make sure you also follow us and put us on your “See first” list, so that you’ll get the latest news about Mox and be among the first to sign up when we launch.

We are Generation Mox, are you?

Peony Wu
18 May 2020
3 min read