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Changes to our Add Money Feature

Changes to our Add Money Feature

We built Mox with one aim – to put customers at the centre of everything we do. Creating smart services to provide greater financial inclusion. Our popular "Add money" feature was intended to do just that, enabling customers to “pull” money into Mox without leaving our app. This feature is free-of-charge and our customers love the convenient, seamless banking experience.

We are determined to keep it free. Charging a customer to move their own money between bank accounts is not inclusive and hinders progress of a fast and simple banking market.

We thank the banks who continue to support this “Add money” innovation without fees, and hope there’ll be many more.

Of course, there are many other ways for customers to move money into their Mox Account, for free. For example, simply “send” money to Mox from your other bank accounts.

We also want to thank our customers, who have decided to join Generation Mox over the past 70 days. We believe there should be no barriers for customers to experience better services.

It’s about democratising banking and creating the highest financial inclusion in Hong Kong.

Here’re some handy tips to “Add money”

We understand you want easy, cost-free ways to transfer money to your Mox account to make the most of what we offer. There are three different ways you can do this:

“Add money” without leaving our app

Our “Add Money” feature allows you to “pull” money into Mox from your other bank accounts.

Simply tap the “Actions” button on the Mox app, press “Add Money” and then follow the on-screen instructions to link your other bank account with Mox.

Watch Move Money

Click here to watch video.

Send money to Mox with just a phone number

FPS lets you or your friends transfer money to your Mox account from other banks by using your registered mobile number.

All you need to do is set Mox as your FPS default bank. Press the “Actions” button on the Mox app, and tap “Transfer”, before pressing “Register Mox with FPS”.

Add Mox as payee with other banks

When you add Mox as payee in your other banks, sending money to Mox becomes hassle free – and you don’t need to enter your account details each and every time.

Simply log on to your other bank account, and enter your Mox account details. To find your Mox bank code and account number, go to “Accounts” on your Mox app, and then tap “Mox account”.

Deniz Güven
04 Dec 2020
8 min read