Tailored to your needs, so that you can transfer flexibly with Mox Credit with no fees

Mox Credit allows you to effortlessly manage your monthly expenses by making transfers via FPS to pay bills or send money to loved ones. With our updated feature starting 1 May 2023, you can now enjoy a personalised no-fee transfer limit that is tailored to you!

Transfer with Mox Credit, pay your regular expenses your way
Transfer with Mox Credit, pay your regular expenses your way

Transfer with Mox Credit, pay your regular expenses your way

Whether you need to transfer money to friends or family, set up designated payees to pay rent, tuition fees, or miscellaneous expenses, or purchasing goods and services, Mox Credit makes it easy for you. Enjoy an interest-free period of up to 56 days with just one click and you can even set up recurring payments to stay ahead of deadlines.

If you exceed your personalised transfer limit, a handling fee of up to 2% will be applied. To keep track of your threshold and fees, you can easily check your Mox app. It's important to note that your transfer limit will reset each month, so it's recommended to check before making any transfers.

Frequently asked Questions

Where can I find my personalised monthly threshold for the free transfer by Mox Credit?
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On the account selection screen, you will be able to find your personalised monthly threshold at the bottom of the page.

Can you explain the ‘monthly threshold’ with an example?
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Currently, unless specified otherwise in your Mox app, the standard monthly threshold for Mox Credit fund transfers with no charge is HKD30,000 or below and the standard handling fee of 2% would apply to the transfer amount that exceeds HKD30,000. The 2% handling fee will apply to all of your excess Mox Credit Transfers amounts.

For example, in August you make the following Mox Credit Fund Transfers:

Date of settlement Mox Credit Fund Transfer (HKD) Accumulated Mox Credit Fund Transfer (HKD) Amount of Excess Fund Transfer Handling Fee (HKD)
1 August HKD10,000 HKD10,000 HKD0
2 August HKD10,000 HKD20,000 HKD0
5 August HKD15,000 HKD35,000 HKD100 (The excess amount is HKD5,000. The handling fee chargeable is 2% of HKD5,000.)
7 August HKD1,000 HKD36,000 HKD20 (The excess amount is HKD1,000. The handling fee chargeable is 2% of HKD1,000.)

On 5 August and 7 August, the accumulated Mox Credit transfers amount exceeded HKD30,000, and a 2% Excess Fund Transfer Handling Fee was applied to the respective excess amount.

I cannot find the option to use my Mox Credit as the debit source for my transfer, why?
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Whether you can transfer money using your Mox Credit depends on multiple factors. We may impose or adjust the transfer limit after regular reviews.

Apply for Mox Credit now
Apply for Mox Credit now

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*Mox Credit Fund Transfer Promotion Terms and Conditions and Mox Credit Key Facts Statement apply.