The first HKD50,000 per month with no fees via Mox Credit

From 1 February to 30 April 2023, whenever you need to make a transfer with Mox Credit, you can do it with no handling fees for the first HKD50,000 per month! After that, for transfers exceeding HKD50,000, all you need to pay is a promotional 1% handling fee, bringing you greater flexibility when paying regular expenses. The transfer limit will then reset each month.

Transfer easily and flexibly with Mox Credit

From transferring money to friends or family, to setting up designated payees to pay rent, tuition fees, miscellaneous expenses, or purchasing different goods and services, you can settle any payment right away with Mox Credit. It can be done via FPS or the bank transfer function in the Mox app. When you do so, you can enjoy an interest-free period of up to 56 days.

Make your daily life smoother by setting up recurring payments, so you won’t have to worry about missing a deadline.

Frequently asked Questions

Can you explain how I would get charged by giving me an example?
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During 1 February to 30 April 2023, the specified monthly limit has been changed to HKD50,000 and the promotional handling fee of 1% would apply to the transfer amount that exceeds this specified monthly limit (with no cap on the excess amount).

For example, in April,

Date of settlement/completion HKD transfer using Mox Credit Accumulated transfer (HKD) using Mox Credit Handling fee (HKD) to be charged
1 April HKD10,000 HKD10,000 HKD0
2 April HKD30,000 HKD40,000 HKD0
5 April HKD25,000 HKD65,000 (HKD65,000 - HKD50,000)*1% = HKD150
7 April HKD1,000 HKD66,000 HKD1,000*1%=HKD10

On 5 April and 7 April, the accumulated transfers HKD amount of Mox Credit each exceeded HKD50,000, and a 1% Excess Fund Transfer Handling Fee was applied to the respective excess amount.

I cannot find the option of Mox Credit as the debit source for transfer, why?
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Whether Mox Credit can be used for Transfers may depend on multiple factors including an account holder's credit history or credit standing.

Apply for Mox Credit now
Apply for Mox Credit now

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*Mox Credit Excess Fund Transfer Handling Fee Promotion Terms and Conditions and Mox Credit Key Facts Statement apply.