Spend and pay in monthly instalment, manage your expense with flexibility

Break your spending into easy instalments with Split Purchase or Split Your Statement, so you can get more out of your existing budget and enjoy greater flexibility.

Split Purchase
Choose a single or multiple eligible Mox Credit transaction of HKD400 or above to apply for a Split Purchase
Split Your Statement
Split your statement balance of HKD2,000 or above once it’s released the statement, or any time until 3 days before the payment due date

Seize the moment to split your expense into smaller instalment

  • Choose a repayment period anywhere between 3 to 60 months – 4, 8 or 37 months? It’s all up to you
  • Get a transparent annual percentage rate in real time based on your selected repayment period
  • Manage your spending flexibly at your fingertips anytime within Mox app

The screen image is for reference only. Actual screen in the Mox app may differ.

Apply for a Split Purchase? Simple and Instant!

  1. Open your Mox app
  2. Tap ‘Split now’ on your eligible transaction via ‘Activity’
  3. Choose a single transaction or combined eligible transactions if preferred. Then, enter the number of months over which you’d like to split them.

Reminder: You can check whether your Split Purchase has been successfully applied on your homepage ‘Activity’ in the Mox app.

Apply for Split Statement in an instant easily

  1. Open your Mox app > go to ‘Credit’
  2. Tap ‘Apply now’ next to ‘Split Your Statement’
  3. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the application!

Reminder: You can only apply for this service via the Mox app after the Mox Credit Statement is released and before the statement balance is fully settled.

Enjoy Split Purchase with Mox Credit today!

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

The fees for Split Purchase will be reviewed from time to time. General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see Part A: Split Purchase of Schedule 3) and the Split Purchase Key Facts Statement apply. You can view the terms in the “Legal documents” section of our website here.

Each monthly instalment for a Split Purchase is charged to Mox Credit and will show on your Mox Credit statement. Please pay your Mox Credit statement balance in full on or before its due date to avoid finance charges (interest).

*Only certain types of Mox Credit transactions and amounts of Mox Credit statement balances are eligible for Split Purchase, as determined by us in our absolute discretion.

The examples of transactions and amounts of Mox Credit statement balances that are ineligible for Split Purchase are listed in General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see Part A: Split Purchase of Schedule 3) – clause 8(d).