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Promotion period: 20 May 2024 – 31 August 2024

Invest with Mox to earn 15,000 Asia Miles and be on your way to Taipei*

Complete one or more of the transaction(s) below with Mox Invest by end of promotion period and earn reward(s) that correspond to your trading amount:

Buy or sell Hong Kong or U.S. stocks (including U.S. fractional shares)
Buy or sell Hong Kong or U.S. stocks (including U.S. fractional shares)
Fund subscriptions
Fund subscriptions
Reward 1: Join Mox Invest to earn 14,500 Asia Miles
Reward 1: Join Mox Invest to earn 14,500 Asia Miles

Reward 1: Join Mox Invest to earn 14,500 Asia Miles

From now until 31 August 2024, once successfully open Mox Invest Account and make eligible transaction(s) of HKD 100,000 or equivalent within 30 days, you can earn 14,500 Asia Miles¹.

This offer applies to HK stocks, U.S. stocks (including fractional shares), and fund subscriptions, so we've got you covered whatever your investment needs.

Reward 2: Trade to earn Asia Miles, with no limit
Reward 2: Trade to earn Asia Miles, with no limit

Reward 2: Trade to earn Asia Miles, with no limit

In addition to the welcome offer mentioned above, you'll also receive 50 Asia Miles for every accumulative HKD10,000 or equivalent in trading¹. Adding up together, you can earn up to 15,000 miles, which is equivalent to a round trip to Taipei*.

There's no limit to the miles you can earn. Invest smarter with Mox Invest.

Earn double rewards with Mox Invest: up to 3%p.a. savings rate

Earn double rewards with Mox Invest - up to 3%p.a. savings rate
Earn double rewards with Mox Invest - up to 3%p.a. savings rate

Simply invest and/or exchange foreign currencies at Mox with just HKD30,000 (or equivalent) in a month, and you can earn a total savings rate of up to 3% p.a.^ (including our savings base rate) on up to HKD3,000,000 deposit (for deposits in your savings accounts, including Mox Invest Account). Eligible transactions include:

  • Buy and sell transactions for HK or U.S. stocks, including fractional shares; or
  • The net purchase of funds in HKD, with the transaction amount calculated by the total amount purchased minus the amount sold; or
  • Currency exchange transactions

Link your Cathay Membership Account to Mox

Register your Cathay Membership with the Mox app in just a few steps to enjoy this limited-time offer.

  • Log in to the Mox app > tap ‘Mox Rewards’
  • Choose the promotion about Mox Invest under ‘Latest campaign’
  • Tap ‘Link Cathay Membership Account’ and fill in the info to link your Cathay Membership Account to Mox
  • Once you’ve linked your Cathay Membership Account to Mox, you can track the progress anytime.

You’ll automatically receive the Asia Miles in your Cathay membership Account.

Note: If you have already registered your Cathay Membership Account with Mox previously, then you are all set!

Open a Mox Invest Account now

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Download Mox App now
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*Based on the Standard Flight Awards of Asia Miles as of 1 October 2023.