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Introducing the ‘Mox Card with credit’ to existing customers

Mox Credit. Better than a credit card

Introducing the ‘Mox Card with credit’ to existing customers

Mox Bank Limited (“Mox”) announced the launch of its ‘Mox Card with credit’ (“Mox Credit”). The world is changing. Your bank should too. That’s why together with Mastercard, we’ve designed the Mox Card and Mox Credit differently. Simple. Smart. Instant.

Deniz Güven, CEO of Mox, said: “We are excited to be the first virtual bank in Hong Kong to launch credit on our all-in-one Mox Card. This will be the first of our Smart Borrowing services, building on the Smart Banking, Smart Saving and Smart Spending products.”

We will first invite our existing customers to experience Mox Credit. These customers will be invited in phases to apply to use their Mox Card with credit. After that, we will make Mox Credit available to everyone in Hong Kong.

How Mox Creditˆ compares with other credit cards

  1. Instant decision* and instant use Most credit card approval processes take days, sometimes weeks - and can only be used when the physical card arrives. The world is changing. With Mox Credit, the decision is instant and once approved for Mox Credit, you can immediately add your Mox Card to your mobile wallet to spend on Mox Credit.
  2. Seamless application experience Applying for credit cards can be tiring with lots of documents to submit. The world is changing. With Mox Credit, we’ve redesigned the process to give customers a seamless experience, simplifying the requirements for income and address documentation.
  3. One Card Applying for most credit cards means another card in the wallet. The world is changing. With Mox, one card is all you need. Existing customers can apply for Mox Credit with a few steps and when approved, their existing Mox Card will be converted into Mox Credit instantly. All recurring payments and future transactions will be charged to Mox Credit.
  4. Easy to manage Mox Credit makes managing credit easy with up to 56 days interest-free** and reminders before your Mox Credit payment due date.
  5. No fees No annual fees. No late fees***. No over-the-limit fees. Ever. The world is changing.
  6. HKT Autopay Switch Together with our partner HKT Group, we’re launching a new service to help you switch your existing HKT autopay bills to Mox Credit with just a few clicks – including 1O1O, CSL, NETVIGATOR, Now TV and more. No paper forms, no in-store visits, no fuss.
  7. Earn real CashBack Just like existing Mox Card transactions, with Mox Credit you will be paid CashBack on all eligible spending. CashBack is calculated instantly and credited daily to your Mox Account to help you further earn daily interest. Simple and easy CashBack!
  8. Master your money With Mox Credit, you will always have a Mox Account to help you control your finances. See your spend patterns real time and categorised for better budgeting. And, open personalised ‘Goal accounts’ to save for life’s big events.

Activate Mox Credit now

Once invited, existing customers can apply for Mox Credit with a few steps and their same Mox Card can be used instantly for Mox Credit. Follow us on mox.com, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for our latest updates.

*According to individual circumstances, Mox may request customers to provide additional supporting documents for Mox Credit application approval. The approval time required is subject to actual situation.

**The actual interest-free period will vary based on the date of charge and the billing cycle cut-off date. The interest-free period does not apply if we do not receive your Mox Credit statement balance in full on or before the payment due date.

***Mox encourage customers to pay your dues on or before their payment due date. Finance charges (interest) will apply if customers do not pay their Mox Credit statement balance in full on or before their payment due date.

ˆTerms and conditions apply.

14 Apr 2021
5 min read