Platform Data Engineer

About Mox

Mox is built by and for the ones who aspire to live life to the fullest – we call them Generation Mox! The name Mox reflects the endless opportunities we can create, - Mobile eXperience; Money eXperience; Money X (multiplier), eXponential growth, eXploration… it’s all up for us to define together.

Why Mox

Mox helps you grow – your money, your world, your possibilities. We equip you with the financial management tools, information and insights you need to make your dreams, big or small, come true. Everything at Mox – from our products, features, to rewards – is designed based on customer research, tailor made for your needs. We care about what customers care about, especially in data security and privacy. Data ethics is core to everyone here at Mox.

Mox rewards you with an array of banking and lifestyle benefits.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for a Platform Data Engineer to work on site with our Platform Tribe in Hong Kong.

As a Platform Data Engineer, you’d be working with us to build, deploy, and maintain a modern, automated, cloud-native, continuously delivered and distributed data platform. This includes the operational relational databases, data pipelines, and supplementary data services which all work in concert to provide the company with accurate, timely, and actionable metrics and insights to grow and improve our business using data and are business critical for many other teams in the company. You may be collaborating with our data engineering team to set up new features and services for the data platform, assisting our data science team to maintain our data services, supporting our product engineering teams to configure and customize our data infrastructure to fit their needs, or pairing with other data engineers to bring to fruition cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure in the data space.



  • Collaborate with our development, product, risk and security, legal and compliance teams in our fast-paced delivery environment.
  • Accountable as System Owner and Asset Owner of data and Kafka platform.
  • Build a modern, secure, efficient and cloud native database, data storage tier and Kafka platform with high resiliency and scalability.
  • Administer and maintain a suitable controls framework that is aligned with industry practices and meets regulatory and compliance requirement.
  • Perform regular assessments of the technology risk landscape, including self-identifying risks and proactively reporting these to Head of Platform.
  • Oversee and administer the cost efficiency of data and Kafka platform.
  • Maintain the data controls documentation. Make recommendations for improvement and ensure processes and procedures are reviewed and updated periodically.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Computer Science or any other relevant discipline and experience.
  • Knowledge of technology best practices for building a modern Cloud-native platform.
  • At minimum, 12 years’ experience in IT domain which key focus on database and messaging system management in a cloud environment.
  • Knowledge in AWS or Cloud services like Glue, EMR, EC2, ELB, EFS, S3, Lambda, API Gateway, IAM, CloudWatch, DMS.
  • Experience with AWS RDS, DynamoDB, Athena and Elasticache.
  • Excellent practical knowledge with RDBMS, SQL and NoSQL databases, PostgreSQL is a must.
  • Excellent knowledge of data sharding, schema and query performance optimisation, data structure tradeoffs, disaster recovery patterns and metrics.
  • Excellent practical knowledge (topics, producers, consumers, brokers, commit log, partitions, failover, streams, transactions) building and operating a Kafka platform is highly desirable.
  • Knowledge in other systems like RabbitMQ, AWS Kinesis, Airflow is a plus.
  • Familiar with big data concepts, Hadoop, Spark. Experience in managing Data Lake is a plus.
  • Strong knowledge in regulatory and compliance requirement, Data Governance and Data Security (certificate management, encryption method, network security strategy).
  • CICD toolchain experience (GitHub, CircleCI, Artifactory, Spinnaker, ArgoCD, Ansible, SonarQube).
  • Experience in Infrastructure, Configuration and Deployment as Code tools like Terraform and Ansible.
  • Strong scripting skills in Python and Bash.
  • Strong understanding and practice Agile/Lean projects SCRUM, KANBAN etc.
  • Possess a curious mind set to analyse issues from different perspectives, recommend new, creative ways to solve problems.

To be eligible for internal referrals at MoxBank, you must be referred by a full timepermanent employee of Mox Bank.