Platform Engineer

We're looking for a Platform Engineer to work on site with our development team in Hong Kong.

As a Platform Engineer you'd be able to work on and solve some of the many interesting challenges we are facing in Cloud deployment, automation and data management, learn new ways of working, and build delightful high-quality products for our customers.



  • Collaborate closely with our development and product teams in our fast-paced delivery environment.

  • Build and manage a modern, automated, cloud-native, continuous delivery pipeline.

  • Build and manage the cloud resources for our business to use.

  • Understand and provide the security, compliance, regulation of banking systems.


  • Knowledge of technology best practices for building a modern automated DevOps platform.

  • Good understanding of technologies and experience in building a highly scalable and fault tolerant system.

  • Self-starter, capable of working without direction and able to deliver projects from scratch.

  • DevOps toolchain experience (GitHub, CircleCI, Artifactory, SonarQube).

  • CICD tools hands-on experience (Spinnaker, Ansible, Chef).

  • Cloud computing deployment and management experience (AWS (preferred), GCP, Azure) via Infrastructure as Code tools (Terraform, CloudFormation, Pulumi).

  • Container management and container orchestration experience – Docker, Kubernetes.

  • Monitoring tools Elastic Stack, Prometheus, Grafana, Datadog.

  • Strong knowledge of Linux/UNIX and TCP/IP Subnet.

  • Strong understanding and practice Agile/Lean projects SCRUM, KANBAN etc.

  • Practical knowledge with Git flow, Trunk and GitHub flow branching strategies.

  • Strong English communication skills.

  • Scripting skills (e.g., shell scripts, Perl, Ruby, Python) as an advantage


  • Distributed system knowledge applicable to a microservice architecture.

  • Breadth of knowledge – operating systems, networking, distributed computing, cloud computing.

  • Certified in cloud computing (professional levels: Solution architect, DevOps engineer, Security, Network).