Super CashBack Promotion terms and conditions

You must read these terms along with our Personal Information Collection Statement, Privacy Policy Statement and General Terms and Conditions (which can be viewed in the ‘About us’ page within the Mox app or on the ‘Legal documents’ page of our website) together with any other terms we may provide to you. These terms apply in addition to any such terms, and the use of your Mox Card will remain subject to any such other terms.

In particular, these terms must be read together with the section headed “Cashback on your Mox Card” under the Terms and conditions for accounts and card management (Schedule 1 to the General T&Cs) located in the ‘About us’ page within the Mox app or on the ‘Legal documents’ page of our website.

If there is any inconsistency between these terms and any of our other terms, these terms will prevail.

1. General

(a) These terms apply to the Super CashBack (“Super CashBack”) promotion offered by Mox Bank Limited and its affiliates (“Mox”) to customers with a Mox Card during the Promotion Period (as defined below) (“Super CashBack Promotion”). By participating in the Super CashBack Promotion, you agree to these terms.

(b) This Super CashBack Promotion will run on and from 10 August 2020 until 31 December 2020 (“Promotion Period”) unless otherwise communicated by Mox to customers who have opened a Mox Account.

(c) To be eligible to participate in this Super CashBack Promotion you must hold a valid Mox Card.

(d) A list of merchants participating in this Super CashBack Promotion (“Founding Merchants”) is available in the ‘Discover’ page within the Mox app or on our website, which may change from time to time. During the Promotion Period, Mox will pay the Super CashBack percentage (as defined below) on any eligible transaction settled with a Founding Merchant. We may also specify within the Mox app or on the Mox website: (i) any special terms that apply to each Founding Merchant; (ii) additional exclusive offers made available by each Founding Merchant to Mox Card holders (subject to the Mox liability disclaimer); and (iii) the period (within the Promotion Period) during which each Founding Merchant will participate in this Super CashBack Promotion.

(e) Unlimited CashBack is not paid if you earn Super CashBack. For example, if the Super CashBack percentage is 5% and the Unlimited CashBack percentage is 1%, your cashback rate is 5% only – you will not (also) receive the 1% Unlimited CashBack.

(f) Super CashBack will only be paid for transactions conducted during the Promotion Period. After the Promotion Period has expired, we will pay the Super CashBack on any eligible transactions approved or authorised by us prior to such expiry.

(g) If you take steps to close your Mox Account within 12 months of when you first opened it, Mox has the right to deduct the total amount of Super CashBack paid or payable to you from your Mox Account. If we make that deduction and you then re-open a Mox Account during the Promotion Period, your total accumulated Super CashBack will be re-set to zero for the purpose of determining whether you reach the Cap (as defined below).

(h) By participating in the Super CashBack Promotion, you acknowledge that some of the Founding Merchants (or their affiliates) may be direct or indirect shareholders of Mox (collectively, the “Mox Shareholders”). Mox may receive remuneration, commission, rebate, or other payments or benefits from the Mox Shareholders directly or indirectly in connection with the Super CashBack Promotion. The nature, amount and method of calculating any such benefits may vary over time. Mox is entitled to retain any such benefits for its own account and benefit absolutely without having to make any prior disclosure to you or any other party. Mox may also offer benefits or advantages to the Mox Shareholders in connection with the Super CashBack Promotion.

2. Super CashBack Percentage and Limit of HK$ 1,000

(a) The Super CashBack will be calculated based on a specific percentage of the transaction value, which is five percent (5%) (“Super CashBack percentage”) but may change from time to time. Mox may change that percentage at any time, in our absolute discretion.

(b) The total of any and all Super CashBack payments for the Promotion Period to any customer is capped at 1,000 Hong Kong dollars (“HK$”) (the “Cap”). During the Promotion Period, a customer cannot earn any more than the Cap in total Super CashBack payments.

(c) The Cap applies to the total cashback received with respect to any and all Founding Merchants (including any cashback subsequently deducted by us from your Mox Account as a result of any refunded or reversed transactions). If a transaction is refunded or reversed, we will not re-set or adjust the Cap (nor your utilization of it) regardless of whether the relevant Super CashBack payment is deducted from your Mox Account. For example, if you earn Super CashBack of HK$1,000 with one Founding Merchant, even if that transaction is subsequently reversed and we deduct part or all of the Super CashBack earned from your Mox Account, you are not entitled to any additional Super CashBack for eligible transactions for the Promotion Period with any other Founding Merchant(s).

(d) Once you earn Super CashBack of HK$1,000, you will earn Unlimited CashBack on any eligible transactions. If a single eligible transaction results in you earning more than the Cap, you will receive Super CashBack up to the Cap and Unlimited CashBack on the remaining transaction value. Mox will apportion the transaction value of any eligible transaction between the Super CashBack (up to the Cap) and the Unlimited CashBack.

3. The Super CashBack Promotion and List of Founding Merchants may Change

(a) From time to time Mox may add to or remove merchants from the list of Founding Merchants (available within the Mox app or on the Mox website), without notice. We are not liable to you for any change of Founding Merchants. You should check the ‘Discover’ page within the Mox app for the latest list of participating Founding Merchants.

(b) Mox may make any decision in connection with the Super CashBack Promotion at any time in its sole discretion, including to:

(i) determine that a transaction or merchant is ineligible for Super CashBack; and (ii) refuse, suspend or cancel a person’s participation in this Super CashBack Promotion.

(c) Each Mox customer is only entitled to participate in this Super CashBack Promotion once. Mox reserves the right to cancel the Super CashBack for any person who seeks to participate more than once by closing and opening more than one Mox Account during the Promotion Period.

(d) These Super CashBack Promotion terms are governed by the laws of Hong Kong and we and you accept the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts having jurisdiction there.

Last updated on: 14 August 2020