Mox Founding Member Promotion (the “Promotion”) terms and conditions

  1. These Promotion terms apply to the Promotion offered by Mox Bank Limited and its affiliates (“Mox”). By participating in the Promotion, you agree to these Promotion terms.
  2. You must read these Promotion terms along with Mox’s Personal Information Collection Statement, Privacy Policy Statement and Website terms and conditions. If you participate in the Promotion and are successfully onboarded as a Mox customer, then these Promotion terms should be read along with Mox’s General terms and conditions and the Mox app terms and conditions, copies of which will be provided to you by Mox. These Promotion terms apply in addition to any such terms.
  3. If there is any inconsistency between these Promotion terms and any of the other Mox terms, these Promotion terms will prevail.
  4. The Promotion will run from 4 May 2020 to 30 June 2020 (the “Promotion Period”), unless otherwise communicated to you by Mox.
  5. The Promotion gives you the chance to be a “Mox Founding Member”. Mox Founding Members will be granted early access to open a bank account with Mox when we launch later this year via the Mox app and, upon successfully doing so, sent a metal Mox Card.
  6. To be eligible to participate in the Promotion, you (the “Participant”) must: a. be at least 18 years old; b. hold a valid Hong Kong Identity Card; c. reside in Hong Kong; and d. comply with any other requirements for opening an account with Mox.
  7. During the Promotion Period, Participants must register for the Promotion on the Mox website at with a valid email address. Upon successful registration, Participants will receive an email confirmation from Mox.
  8. 3000 Participants who have successfully registered on the Mox website will receive an invitation link from Mox via email, inviting them to open a bank account with Mox (“Invitation Link”) when we launch later this year. Mox will determine when the Invitation Link is emailed, and the Participants to whom the Invitation Link is emailed, in its sole discretion.
  9. Any person can only register for or participate in the Promotion once and with one email address. Mox may delete any multiple registrations for the Promotion, or exclude any person who seeks to participate in the Promotion or seeks to become a Mox Founding Member more than once, in its sole discretion.
  10. Neither registration for the Promotion nor receipt of an Invitation Link guarantees a Participant’s status as a Mox Founding Member.
  11. The Invitation Link will expire within a time that will be specified in the email. Once expired, the Invitation Link is no longer valid and will not be reissued by Mox.
  12. Before the Invitation Link expires, the Participant must click on the Invitation Link on the Participant’s device and successfully download the Mox app on the Participant’s device, and complete Mox’s account opening process (with the email address used to participate in the Promotion) as outlined in the Mox app in order to open a bank account with Mox when we launch later this year.
  13. The Participant will become a Mox Founding Member and Mox will send the Participant a metal Mox Card upon the Participant successfully completing the account opening process and receiving confirmation that the Participant has a bank account with Mox when we launch later this year.
  14. If any of the 3000 Participants cannot open a bank account with Mox when we launch later this year for any reason (including for reasons such as ineligibility for Mox bank account opening or expiration of the Invitation Link), Mox may send an Invitation Link to any other Participant who has registered to be a Mox Founding Member, in its sole discretion.
  15. A Participant’s metal Mox Card will be cancelled and rendered invalid if the Participant has terminated his/ her relationship with Mox. Fees and charges may apply for replacing the metal Mox Card.
  16. Mox reserves the right to change, modify, suspend or terminate the Promotion or these Promotion terms at any time and in its sole discretion, without providing any notice or reason to Participants.
  17. Mox reserves the right to make any decision in connection with the Promotion in its sole discretion (including to refuse a Participant’s participation in the Promotion).
  18. Participation in the Promotion may not be transferred by a Participant to any other person.
  19. To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, each Participant shall release Mox from all actions, proceedings and claims which may be brought by or against Mox , arising from or in connection with his/ her participation in the Promotion (including any failure to receive the metal Mox Card) or these Promotion terms, unless due to Mox’s negligence, fraud or wilful default and only to the extent of direct and reasonably foreseeable loss and damage arising directly and solely from such negligence or wilful default. This release continues after the termination of these Promotion terms or the Promotion.
  20. The English version prevails if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these Promotion terms.