Welcome Bonus upgraded for new customers – Enjoy up to 3% p.a. total deposit rate!

Celebrating our 2nd anniversary, we’re bringing fantastic rewards and offers to you, so that you can share our joy during this September.

From 1 to 30 September 2022, when new customers successfully join Mox, the Welcome Bonus they enjoy on their deposits will be upgraded to 2.7% p.a. Together with our base rate, you can enjoy a deposit rate of up to 3% p.a. throughout your first 60 days with Mox, and the interest is calculated and paid to your Mox Account everyday!

If you joined before 1 September 2022, your Welcome Bonus Rate will also be upgraded to 2.7% p.a. for the remaining Reward Period.

Enjoy up to 3% p.a. deposit rate automatically for your first 60 days with Mox
Welcome Bonus Rate
(Exclusive for new customers)
Once your Mox Account is successfully opened between 1 and 30 September, you will automatically enjoy an extra 2.7% p.a. Welcome Bonus on your deposits of up to HKD500,000 throughout the first 60 days with Mox!

If you joined us before 1 September, the Welcome Bonus for your remaining Reward Period will also be automatically upgraded from 1.5% to 2.7%!
Base rate
For deposits of up to HKD500,000, new customers will enjoy 3% p.a. for up to 60 days together with our base rate!
Extra deposit rate awaits! Complete Mox Bonus Challenges to earn!
Want to unlock higher deposit rates? Simply complete Mox Bonus Challenges below each month to boost your interest!
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Promotion period: 1 April 2022 – 30 September 2022

Mox Bonus Promotion (August – September 2022) terms and conditions, Welcome Bonus Promotion (April – September 2022) terms and conditions apply.