Enjoy flexible instalments, 0% interest and 0 handling fee and upgrade to your dream iPhone and earn HKD600!

Be among the first to grab the new iPhone 15 during its upcoming release, and seize great deals at the same time 🎉!

iPhone for Life: Upgrade to the latest iPhone and earn HKD600 Cash Rewards!

From now till 31 December 2023, join iPhone for Life ¹ to get new iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro series at 1O1O Center and csl shops! You can use ‘0% Merchant Split Purchase’ to split your purchase into flexible instalments:

  • No interest and no handling fee
  • Pay with Mox Credit² and set up a 0% Merchant Split Purchase to enjoy up to 36 months interest-free instalment and earn 🔥HKD600 Cash Rewards³ upon approval
  • Super low monthly instalment for the first 24 months
  • Applicable to selected service plans or handset purchase only⁴
  • After the first 24 months:
    • Upgrade to the latest iPhone by returning your current iPhone and refunding the Guaranteed Buy-back Value⁵, or
    • Keep your iPhone and continue to pay the balance by instalments
  • Mox rewards you real cash! Earn up to 2% Unlimited CashBack⁶ anytime, anywhere!

Mox customer who uses iPhone for Life to purchase selected iPhone at 1O1O Center or csl Shops:

iPhone (Assumed Price)HKD8,599
Instalment period assigned by 1O1O Center or csl shops:36 months
Instalment payment:

HKD8,599 / 36 months = around HKD238.86 per month

(HKD238.86 per month in the first 35 months & HKD238.90 in 36th month)

Guaranteed Buy-Back Value:

Around HKD2,866.36

(11x HKD238.86 per month from 25th to 35th month, plus HKD238.90 in 36th month)

Options of customer within designated days after the 24

Visit 1O1O Center or csl Shops within Trade-In Period:

  • Upgrade to the latest iPhone by returning your current iPhone (i.e. HKD8,599 handset price minus HKD5,732.64 total paid instalment amount of the first 24 months = HKD2,866.36 similar to the “Guaranteed Buy-Back Value”
    ); or
  • 📱Keep your iPhone and continue to pay the balance by instalments until the 36th month (i.e. total HKD8,599)

Don't miss out on our offer! Purchase with your Mox Credit a standalone iPhone or bundle it with a service plan at 1O1O or csl today.

1O1O Center

csl shops

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

¹Mox iPhone for Life Program Terms and Conditions apply.

²Our General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see Schedule 3) and the Mox Credit Key Facts Statement apply.

³‘iPhone for Life’ Cash Reward Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.

Mox Disclaimer apply.

⁵The Guaranteed Buy-back Value is provided by 1O1O and csl. Terms and Conditions of a Designated Mobile Service Provider apples.

⁶From 26 September 2023, earn unlimited CashBack calculated at 2% on the amount of the eligible transaction made with Mox Credit, if you have an eligible balance of at least HKD75,000 in your savings accounts with Mox (excluding any balances held in your Time Deposit Account(s)) at the time you make the relevant transaction.