Mox Local Rewards Programme

Promotion Period

Until 31 December 2023

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Mox is here to help you in supporting local businesses! That’s why we offer exclusive rewards to customers of selected local shops. Enjoy their purchases while supporting their favourite stores.
Invitation Code
How does it work?
Download Mox App
Enter Invitation Code when you open a Mox Account
Open your Mox Account with the invitation code above, apply for Mox Credit, and then spend HKD1,000 with Mox Credit on eligible transaction(s) within 30 days of your Mox Credit approval day to earn HKD1,000 Cash Rewards!
Tips to open a Mox Account
When you are opening a Mox Account, all you need is a mobile phone, an identity card, and a selfie.
  • To make scanning your identity card easier, we recommend placing it on a dark surface and ensuring sufficient lighting.
  • After successful scanning the front of your identity card, flip it over and scan the back.
  • When taking a selfie, please keep your phone at a horizontal angle for easier facial recognition.
  • Avoid having other people in the background when taking a selfie.
  • Remember to use only your own mobile phone to open the Mox Account and avoid sharing your phone, identity card and any important personal information with anyone else.
Why Mox?
Open an account in as fast as 3 minutes¹ for free
Start earning daily interest, and when you join Mox from 1 to 31 October 2023, simply register Mox as your default FPS bank on the first 60 days with Mox to enjoy a Welcome Bonus of 3.2% p.a. savings rate on next-day deposits! Once you’ve completed all Mox Bonus Challenges, including our base rate you’ll enjoy 6.2% p.a. savings rate² up to HKD250,000 deposits.
Enjoy over 12 banking features with Mox Card, the only ALL-IN-ONE card you need
Earn the best in town³ up to 3% Unlimited CashBack⁴ with Mox Credit, it’s better than a credit card
Make expenses more manageable by splitting eligible Mox Credit transactions, bill payments or FPS transfers into monthly instalments with Split Purchase
Get extra cash by Instant Loan with no additional documents needed
Clear credit card bills with other banks/institutions in instalments effortlessly and instantly with Instant Clear
With 24/7 currency exchange at the Mox FX rate (the mid-market rate) and a fixed percentage fee, everything is fair and transparent
Make FPS payments with Mox Credit and enjoy up to 56 days interest free
Transfer and receive money into your Mox Account from anyone in Hong Kong, anytime
To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

MOXGP Invitation Code Promotion Terms and Conditionsapply.

¹In some circumstances, we may require you to provide supporting documents by a simple submission process when you apply for Mox Credit. The approval time for Mox Credit is subject to a customer’s individual circumstances.

²Welcome Bonus Promotion (October 2023)andMox Bonus Promotion (October 2023) terms and conditionsapply.

³Compared against 15 banks in Hong Kong on their unlimited CashBack credit card as published on official website as of 7 Sep 2023.

⁴CashBack Terms and Conditions apply.